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Re: Everyday general chat, everyone welcome, just join in
« Reply #360 on: September 12, 2017, 08:51:39 PM »
That would make it more difficult to get around  :and of course you cant be looking at the scenery when driving.I know what you mean about going back too places .I was the same at first,but a!so the more i did it,the easier it got.One particular place,the place we went too every year as often as we could in Wales,and the place we had the mad plan to move too i didnt go back the first year.The second year i did but wasnt over happy,disapointed somehow because i thought he would be there in some way,but after that,once that expectation had gone i have felt really close too him there.hug: and hug for the robin too.

I think because of the late spring,the insects the birds normally eat didn't hatch.There have been a lot of comments at the hardware shop about the amount of bird seed they have sold this summer whereas normally it hardly shifts until winter.I agree it could be the position of the bird table,I had to move all my feeders the opposite way,out into the open and away from shrubs etc,after spotting a stoat in the garden.Which adds too my theory of something odd going on in the natural world,they normally are seen rarely in the fields,not bold as brass on the patio.

Emz I walked past a house with a greenhouse proper set up,and even his tomatoes are still very green.( nosy me )
Feeling frustrated had big plans to crochet a shawl,found the one on you tube at work,but for some reason you tube keeps returning to homepage and not playing anything.Have a feeling this tablet is breaking down one programme at a time.