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Re: Struggling
« Reply #15 on: December 08, 2018, 10:55:14 PM »
Sorry for laughing but i have just reading about Mad Max's latest escapade and Rory thinke he's very brave going in a pushchair lol I have this image of Max with goggles on and you pushing him at full speed down to costa coffee lol  poor little chap lol he must have been terrified. When we had Hamish our Cavalier he had to have a knee joint replaced and Ruth bought him a pet pushchair which was like a normal pushchair but had a roof on etc so he could go out but not jump out etc and she made a notice for on the side that said "Injured Not Lazy Pet on Board"  because some woman told her he would get lazy in that thing lol  If had known Ruth you were risking it saying such a thing and how she managed to stop herself giving the woman a mouthful still amazes.....she was like me say what you want about me and no problem but saying things about our pets or any animals and your risking it lol. Like Karen said he's best avoiding wheels.....don't expect him to perfect so young as my Rory is older than him and he's no saint by a long long as he's safe and gets used to his collar etc is plenty until he's fully sussed you out and where he lives etc.....He looks a lovely fella and you will great times with him....make sure you take plenty of photos too.....Rory is a real pain as every time i pick my camera up he comes so close to me i can't get a decent shot.....he knows he can run rings round me and does but he's getting there. Hamish was totally different as he was like a little old man and just plodded about and got on with things and never heard him bark, when he went to the vets they loved him as he never tried to bite them and just sat there and let them prod him etc.......they love Rory too but agree with me that he is totally the opposite of Hamish....Ruth would have loved to see him grow up and hopefully she's keeping an eye on us lol