The original support website and groups founded in June 2000


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There is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark your day seems now.

This is a little about why BUK has been a lifeline for many 1000s during it’s 24 years

This site was created purely to give you free support no matter where in the world you come from. Bereavement is indeed one of the most painful emotions the human body has to endure and deal with during our lifetime. 

So for that very reason in 2000 I created this site along with back then a Yahoo Group for other members along with myself supporting one another having suffered first hand the loss of a loved one so fully understood how others felt too.

This was all before social media had become the platform it is today, and back in the early 2000s very little online in the UK was there to help bereaved people. I cannot begin to tell you how popular Bereavement UK (BUK) became soon ranking number one on search engines for people looking for support plus a virtual shoulder to cry on in their time of need.

So many members in the group said how it had become a lifeline to them, especially after the initial support drops off, the phone rings less and less, and “friends” call to see us less frequently, and it’s then we now feel totally lost and very alone.

So this is where Bereavementuk can now be of enormous help and support to you too. As the pain you may be feeling right now may seem almost unbearable at times, but will be fully understood and felt by the people of all ages we have in our now very successful Facebook Support Groups which also include a dedicated group for those who have tragically lost a child.

Here in these Bereavementuk groups is where people who have lost loved ones, will help you through this heartbreaking time, which I promise will help with your healing process.

You can join up for free straight away and begin getting support from our caring members after introducing yourself to us all. Please don’t try and go it alone, join maybe one of the best bereavement support groups on the internet, and may I finally offer you my sincere condolences for your loss of a loved one.

Dave, Founder Bereavement UK June 2000

ITV’s Good Morning Britain Health Star Television Award Given To BUK

Presented by Debbie McGee April 2017, with Rita on my left who without me knowing secretly got members to nominate BUK along with a wonderful letter by Angela Pinner. This was to say why BUK deserved this award in being a such a much needed lifeline for so many thousands during it’s then 17 years, now 24.

One of our very successful long weekend arranged group meet ups with this one held in Bristol. All strangers at first, and by traveling by train and cars from all over the country to be together, became lifelong friends.