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We are using a free Forum Support Group which is very easy to join and no personal details required. You will find great warmth and friendship from people who know and understand every emotion you are suffering. After friendly introductions, new members found any fears of talking to strangers about their deepest, saddest times, were met with overwhelming support.


Our mobile friendly live chat takes place most evenings where members chat about all sorts of topics and always give comforting support when ever needed. Check out on our Facebook group for when members will be there, the link to our Facebook group and Live chat is on the home page.

This was sent by Maria Kirk to a new member and sums up what our support group is all about. Maria gave me her kind permission to put it here.

Words of support.

We will be here to listen to the pain you feel
We will never judge or laugh at what you say

We will always understand that some days your grief is greater than others
We will walk next to you when your needs are such

When you cry we will offer you that shoulder to cry on
When you want to rant, we will rant with you
When your days are dark, we will light the way for you
When you feel you can't take any more, we will carry you until you can

All these things we offer, for no payment
For we have all been supported in the same way, by people on here
Past, present and in the future.